Have a Business? Need a New Business Line? Why Business VoIP Might Be the Answer

Running a business is all about juggling costs against profit. The lower your costs, the greater your profit margins. One of the biggest drains on a business’s financial resources can be their telecommunications bill. Conventional landline technology may be tried and tested, but it’s expensive and frankly, starting to look a little bit outdated in an age of computers, the Internet and fibre optic broadband capacity. Which is why if you’re running a business and are in the fortunate position of expanding your enterprise, considering switching your telephony to business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) could be one of the best business decisions you make this year.

How can VoIP help my business?

If your company is growing, eventually having just one phone line is going to prove detrimental to the smooth running of your daily business. Rather than installing a second phone line that uses ordinary landline technology, a business phone line that operates on a business VoIP system can cut your costs substantially – and you don’t even have to change your hand sets to use it.

Modern business VoIP uses your Internet connection and broadband to connect calls all over the world. The real beauty of VoIP is that it can cut your call costs to the bare minimum with no loss of quality or voice clarity. Business VoIP providers offer companies looking to install a new phone line flexible packages that could mean your international calls cost no more than the price of a local call, and, in some cases, can be free. For businesses with satellite offices in other countries or who do business with international clientele, this option makes sense. If you make a lot of international calls, having a dedicated VoIP business phone line that can provide you for both local and international calls at the same rate makes sound financial sense.

No need to buy new handsets

Because of the advances in VoIP technology, you don’t even have to buy a specially adapted handset to be able to take advantage of a VoIP business phone line. A small adapter can be fitted to an existing hand set, instantly turning it into a VoIP phone. And particularly for small businesses in the process of growing their operation, every penny counts.

Call plans designed for business users give you a complete package of national and international calls at cheap rates, all for a single monthly fee, making your accounting records for your telecommunications costs easier to keep and saving you time. Switching to VoIP can also make your business look more professional. By showing that you are actively embracing the latest technology, international clients will see that you are ready for the world stage and have future-proofed your business for growth on a global scale.

VoIP is the new business tool for telephony. A natural product of the fusion between old ideas and new technology, business VoIP offers any company looking to expand their range but keep costs to a minimum the perfect solution.